WE is the highly anticipated fourth release from Parsonsfield, a quintet praised for making “the most jubilant and danceable indie roots music this side of the Carolinas” (NPR). The EP finds Parsonsfield continuing to push the boundaries of their harmony-driven grassroots origins into their own distinctive Americana, integrating pop and bold rock flourishes along the way. Thematically, the five songs pose many questions and explore the crossroads and possibilities that often arrive at quarter life. Lead singer, Chris Freeman writes, "I want to be a person whose light never seems to dim. Who has the energy to live out loud until the end of the day and the confidence to know that if tomorrow never comes I’ve done my best. But I sit, indolent, dreaming of a better future, wanting to leave the monotony of life for the possibilities of a dream. We is not about you and me or even “us”, the band. It’s about finding our way in the world one day at a time trying to live out each moment until the sun goes down.”